As a companion to Plex's announcement of Live TV for Pass subscribers today, Nvidia is pushing out the 5.2 update to the SHIELD TV. Yesterday, we saw the Tablet and Tablet K1 receive a version with the same number that addressed a few issues and bugs. Thankfully, TV owners have something much nicer to look forward to than just optimizations and fixes.

If you're wanting more information on Plex Live TV and what it offers you, be sure to check out the post I did on it (key takeaways are: it's super cool, and you need a tuner). Moving on, the 5.2 update also brings a few other things — most notable among them is the ability to write recorded shows and movies straight to a NAS (Network Attached Storage). That is so cool.

Finally, we have the more boring stuff that's coming in the update. According to Nvidia, SHIELD TV owners can expect to see some "network storage directory and connectivity enhancements, Wi-Fi performance improvements, and experience enhancements for SHIELD remote and SHIELD controller." All of these are good things, just nowhere near as exciting.

The SHIELD TV will be the first streaming player to take advantage of Plex Live TV. To celebrate this, prospective buyers can score a free six-month Plex Pass subscription for a limited time with the purchase of a SHIELD TV. Plex Pass has a whole ton of benefits that make this deal even better (though the point is obviously for Live TV).

The SHIELD Experience Upgrade 5.2 is now rolling out to all users, according to a post on the GeForce forums.