HTC announced its latest flagship phone last month. The impossibly shiny HTC U11 with its strange, squeezable Edge Sense sides seems like it might be an improvement on its recent offerings. After recent failures such as the U Ultra (a close relative of the new U11), the Taiwanese firm is in need of a win. After going up for pre-order a few weeks ago, the HTC U11 should be now available to purchase from HTC's US ($649) and Canadian ($899) sites. Some pre-ordered devices have already arrived with customers.

The company's US Twitter account announced that the devices were now shipping (see below). The tweet linked to the listing on its US site, where you can choose between blue, silver and black (which actually looks remarkably green). HTC has stated to us that US pre-orders placed at Sprint, Amazon, and should be on their way.

In a follow-up tweet, HTC USA also pointed out that you can walk into an unspecified number of Sprint stores around the country and pick up the new device in person. Some customers have taken to Twitter to report that they have already received their pre-orders.

In the time it's taken me to write this post, the U11 is already out of stock on both US and Canadian sites. There's no telling when it might be available to buy again, but we'll keep an eye on it.

HTC's US site is now stating that it "will ship in 2-4 weeks'. So it's back to pre-ordering and waiting, unfortunately.