There are plenty of home automation and security platforms these days, but some consumers like to stick to what they know, and ADT has been doing home security for a long time. It offers its own camera and sensor systems, all controlled via the Pulse app with support for third-party devices like Nest. People pay monthly for ADT services, and now some of them are feeling rather ripped off after an update to Pulse blocked access on rooted or modified devices.

The new version of Pulse apparently rolled out yesterday, and it was a major update in more ways than one. Here's the changelog.

  • New look and feel, with easier access to the features you need
  • Improvements to app performance
  • Tips and FAQs to help answer your questions
  • Personalize your dashboard just the way you want it

Notice ADT didn't mention the new security measures? The app is currently being swamped with 1-star reviews from people who are now locked out of their systems. The app pops up a message on modified devices that reads, "The operating system on this device has been modified or has a security issue. The Pulse app will not run on this device."

The notice (yes, we see the buttons and are as upset as you are)

This appears to affect rooted devices and even unrooted Samsung phones with tripped Knox. A few people claim their completely unmodified new devices are also getting this notice. Some more savvy users have even attempted to bypass the error with Magisk but that's not working either. ADT is going to need to respond to the complaints soon unless it wants to continue drowning in 1-star reviews. ADT isn't the only game in town.

ADT Pulse ®
ADT Pulse ®
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