Google started testing a new search feature in the Play Store recently. Well, not really recently. Search suggestions began appearing for some people late last year, but now it appears to be rolling out to everyone. Just do a search, and there they are.

You should see the green suggestions at the top of your Play Store results whenever you search for something on your phone. These act like filters, so your search term won't change. Tap one of the suggestions, and the results will be filtered down to items that match the term you selected. This also brings up a new list of suggested filters. If you want to remove a filter, just tap it again.

For example, when searching for "camera," you get filter options like HD, selfie, and pro. The list is scrollable, so there are usually a few filters hidden off to the right.

We've gotten a few tips about this, and several AP staff have suddenly gotten the filters. This suggests the test subsequent slow rollout has accelerated. This is probably a standard feature of the Play Store now.

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