You can't keep an eye on your home at all times without a little help, and Canary is one of the many camera manufacturers offering that sort of help. The Canary Flex is an indoor/outdoor camera that can operate with a power cable or entirely wire-free. A single camera is usually $199, but today it's on sale all over for around $158.

Canary Flex works with any other Canary cameras you may have, but this one can be mounted outside and operate for months on battery power. All the video you capture will be stored online for free, but only for 12 hours. That's one of the shortest in the product category. However, the $10 monthly plan includes 30 days of storage, home insurance deductible reimbursement, and a longer warranty.

The Canary Flex appears to be on sale for about $41 off at various retailers. Here are several places you can get it.

As an aside, the regular Canary camera for indoor-only use is on sale for $140-144 on Amazon and Best Buy.