Boost for Reddit is one of the many Reddit clients available on the Play Store, having somewhere between 100-500k installations (according to the Play Store listing). But no amount of popularity can stop Google's automated ban hammer, and the app was removed nearly a week ago for allegedly promoting drugs - and it's still not back.

The developer behind Boost for Reddit received an email from Google almost exactly a week ago, saying the app violated the illegal activities policy of Google Play. The following reasons were given:

  • Facilitating the sale or purchase of illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription.
  • Depicting or encouraging the use or sale of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by minors.
  • Instructions for growing or manufacturing illegal drugs.

Of course, Boost only serves as a client for Reddit (which does have subreddits promoting the use of drugs) and doesn't host any content itself. Regardless, the app remains removed a week later, with the developer receiving no response from Google.

In the meantime, the developer has uploaded the latest version to the client's site, which you can find at the source link below. You can also download Boost at APKMirror.

Boost for Reddit is back on the Play Store.