Google spent a lot of time at I/O talking about Assistant and Google Home. In fact, it gave a free Home to everyone who attended I/O. Today, a lot of those devices are spitting out errors instead of controlling smart home devices and answering questions. According to multiple online complaints, there's a Google Home outage affecting a significant portion of users.

You'll know instantly if your Home is affected. Use the trigger phrase and it'll respond with "Hmm, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds," or "There was a glitch. Try again in a few seconds." Most users say the issues started popping up in the last day or two—I began getting errors last night, and today Google Home has a nearly 100% failure rate.

Interestingly, this seems to only affect Google Home. Other devices with Assistant work fine, so you can still control your devices if you've got a phone handy. Some owners report a hard reset of Home fixed the issue, but many others still have problems after resetting. Google is aware of the outage, so it'll probably be fixed soon. It's pretty annoying in the meantime, though.


Google has updated the thread to say all issues have been addressed. If you still have problems, try restarting.