Google has a lot of apps for a lot of different services, but most of them remain unbeknownst to the general public. Photos, however, is not one of those. The media backup utility has gotten extremely popular, and for good reason: it saves all your memories in the cloud for free. On May 31st, the Photos app hit a whopping 1 billion downloads on Android.

This makes Photos the 22nd app to reach one billion downloads on the Play Store (a list of the previous ones can be seen here). One billion is obviously a huge number, but it is worth noting that Google Photos is coming pre-installed on most, if not all phones these days. That does diminish the feat by a little bit, but it is definitely among the more used pre-installed apps. After all, how many people use Talkback and, at the risk of offending some of our readers, Google+?

What'll take the 23rd spot? The last time an app reached that one billion number (Instagram), Phil speculated that Snapchat would be next. I wouldn't be surprised if that became true.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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