Major League Baseball (MLB) is no stranger to VR experiences. Now, in what it's calling the "first-ever complete live-game virtual-reality sports experience," you can stream live games through Daydream with the new At Bat VR app. The app aims to combine the experience of watching live on MLB TV while keeping an eye on stats through Gameday on a phone, tablet or laptop.

Just as with MLB TV you can choose whichever video feed you like best, but with the added bonus of seeing box scores and play-by-play information as part of the same immersive virtual experience. You'll also be able to see scores from other fixtures happening at the same time, as well as real-time conference standings.

The key feature that makes the best use of the Daydream in the app seems to be the 3D strike zone. In 2D, this allows you to see where balls are pitched on the plate, but in 3D the experience is enhanced with the addition of color-coded hot zones for the current hitter and a heat trail of the ball's actual path. I'll leave it to the baseball fans out there to decide how useful any of that actually is, but to an ignorant Brit like me, it at least sounds impressive. Check out the trailer below for more information.

The app utilizes Daydream's physical remote, which can be used to change views and stats or toggle the IMAX-like full-screen mode. You'll obviously need a Daydream ready phone to try the app, and it will presumably also work with the incoming standalone Daydream headsets. Download the app using the Play Store link below, or manually from APKMirror. At Bat VR At Bat VR