Rubicon Development's War Game series has been running for quite some time. Six years ago the original Great Little War Game was released. At the time it was a diamond in the rough, which helped propel it to popularity. One year later, in 2012, Great Big War Game arrived on the Play Store as a follow-up to the success of the original. It took two years after the release of Great Big War Game to finally see a third sequel, Great Little War Game 2, which released in 2014. While it feels as though it has been a long time coming, we are now finally getting a fourth installment. It is titled Epic Little War Game, and it looks to have expanded on everything there is to love about the series.

Okay, so the first thing I would like to point out is that Rubicon Development has retained their premium pricing model used in the previous games. Epic Little War Game is a paid upfront release that is priced at $6.99. Believe me that there are absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases included with this title. While I have noticed that the Play Store has mistakenly listed in-app purchases as present, rest assured that there are none to be found. As a matter of fact, the developers have even gone out of their way to point out their absence in the Play Store description.

This pay once and play forever game has true console quality and depth. Don’t be cannon fodder, be the greatest military Commander ever. BE EPIC!

With that out of the way, let's jump into what you can expect from this new installment. The first thing I noticed is that you are reported to get an extensive single player mode that skips an overly long tutorial and instead progressively teaches you the gameplay though simply playing the game. This is often a big pet peeve of mine, where you are forced into a super long tutorial. So right off the bat, I have to congratulate the developers for this setup. The second point of interest with this release is the fact that you get a multiplayer mode with both online co-operative and player-versus-player gameplay. The fact that you can choose to play with or against your friends is a huge plus in my book. And the last important element to this game is the fact that there is a random level generator, which significantly expands replayability through an endless amount of stages.


From a cursory glance, the only issue I could find with this release is the fact that there is no demo available. It would appear that their last release, Great Little War Game 2 received a free version that allowed anyone the ability to check the game out. Sadly there is no free version available for Epic Little War Game. You will have to purchase this title without trying it. But at least you are not buying into the game blind. If history is anything to go by, you will know exactly what to expect out of this release.

All in all, it is nice to see the return of this beloved series. As a turn-based strategy fan, I am sure that Epic Little War Game will offer hours of enjoyable strategic gameplay. The lack of any IAPs or ads, along with the inclusion of a comprehensive multiplayer mode definitely has me ready to jump in and get going. Honestly, for the $6.99 price point, you appear to receive quite a lot with your purchase, and that has me genuinely excited.

Epic Little War Game
Epic Little War Game
Developer: Rubicon Development
Price: $5.99