Duolingo is the most popular language learning app on Android with over 50 million downloads. It already supports a myriad of languages including Spanish, Swahili, and French. Duilingo has started rolling out a much anticipated new language to Android users: Japanese.

Those who have had a chance to use the Japanese course have mostly good things to say about it. It teaches users how to read all three Japanese writing systems, covering all 50-ish Hiragana characters, all 50 Katakana characters, and about 100 Kanji characters. New words and phrases are introduced "thematically" rather than alphabetically, which Duolingo says is more effective for learning.

The rollout started yesterday, but only a very small segment of users will see it as an option. More will gain access every day, though. Everyone should have Japanese in the app by the middle of next week, if all goes as planned. The company plans to announce more details of the program when the rollout is complete.

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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
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