Home security has become incredibly popular in recent years. As competition increases and prices come down, it's never been more affordable to set up your own system. One such option comes from Canary, an all-in-one camera and home health tracker you can pick up for as little as $150. We reviewed it last year, and since then it's added support for Android Wear and tablets. Canary has just updated its Android app to version 2.5.0, introducing image masking which should reduce unnecessary notifications.

The new masking feature allows you to filter out motion activity in your home that occurs naturally and shouldn't arouse suspicion – things like TVs, windows, or even pets. Once you've set up a mask to exclude sections of the image, the device will no longer record movement in that area or trigger notifications. This should lead to fewer false alarms. Canary has created a handy video to explain the new feature, which you can check out below.

Aside from masking there's one other addition of note. It's now possible to delete locations with no devices from within the app. Previously this was only possible on the website, so now it's that little bit easier. The update also includes the customary bug fixes and stability improvements, as you would expect.

In a blog post announcing the new update, Canary also takes some time to outline the various notification controls. It's possible some users have suffered from an overabundance of alerts and the company felt the need to clarify a few things. A combination of the new masking features and a check of the notifications settings should have things running smoothly.

The update is available now from the Play Store, see the link below.

Canary - Smart Home Security
Canary - Smart Home Security
Developer: Canary
Price: Free