Smart lock can be a life saver if you're unlocking your phone constantly, and Trusted Places is one of the most frequently used options. With Trusted Places, you can set locations where your phone will skip the secure lock method, but it hasn't been working so well as of late. Google says that's fixed in the latest version of Play Services, though.

Symptoms of this issue include smart lock failing to keep your device unlocked while in a trusted area, and the opposite happens, too. Sometimes affected phones remain unlocked after leaving the trusted place, which is a privacy concern. Users started reporting the issues with Trusted Places late last year, but Google didn't get serious about looking into it until April. Apparently, it only took a month to get a fix in place. According to a Googler who replied to the thread, Trusted Places should be fixed in the latest version of Play Services.

If you've got a v11 build of Play Services, you're good to go. That started rolling out a few days ago. If you're running behind, you can sideload the latest version on APK Mirror (the newest one is 11.0.55). Be sure to pay attention to the build number so you get the right one for your phone.