Summer time is almost here and if you're planning a trip or vacation somewhere, or if you have a couple of months full of activities and fun, then you're probably looking at grabbing a new camera. Action cams are awesome, but what if you're not the super adventurous kind and you just want to capture the moment in a unique way? Then you might be looking at 360 cams. And today we've got a deal on one of them.

The Samsung Gear 360, the first generation one and not the just-announced 4K 2017 version (which is $235.88 on Amazon), is down to $168.55 on Amazon. That's its lowest price yet (check price history) and $20 less than the last time we spotted it on sale. It's more than 50% off MSRP, but the Gear 360 hasn't been sold at its original MSRP for a long time.

The Gear 360 has two wide-angle F2.0 lenses on each side and can capture 180 wide-angle photos and videos as well as complete 360-degree photos (25.9MP) and videos (3840x1920). It's IP53-rated for dust and splash resistance too. But its major downside is that the Gear 360 app may not be compatible with all phones, so make sure you can install that on your device before purchasing it.

We're not sure how long the deal is valid for, but the price has been free-falling lately (probably due to the release of the new 4K 2017 version) so your odds are high that you'll be able to grab it at a nice discount. Shipping is free with Amazon and the link to buy can be found right below.

The Gear 360 has dropped even further on Amazon, now only costing $157.