All the way back in September of last year, YouTube began testing a new layout with a bottom navigation bar. Over the past few months, it has continued to go live for more users on Android, with a few minor tweaks along the way. Now YouTube has officially revealed the new design.

The new layout ditches the large top navigation bar, in favor of a smaller top bar with a few buttons and a bottom navigation bar. The upload button has moved from a floating action button to the top bar, and a profile icon replaces the overflow menu.

The bottom bar has the same tabs as the previous layout, but the Account tab has been renamed to Library. Your likes, favorties, uploads, and playlists are still in Library, but your account and app settings are now accessed by tapping the user icon. The bar stays on the screen at all times, except when watching videos.

YouTube says the new layout is already live on iOS, but it is still rolling out for Android. I don't have the design on my own device, but let us know if you see it.