The folks over at Recode are reporting that Andy Rubin will have a live interview at the yearly Code Conference this evening. If you are interested in hearing all about the new products by Essential as described by the man who literally created Android, then it is worth checking out. We might even get to see the new phone in action, magnetic modular parts and all.

If you can't actually go to Recode's Code Conference in person — which is sort of likely since it's an invite-only affair — you can still watch the live-stream of the event on YouTube. The Code Conference would be worth watching even without Andy Rubin's appearance, but now it's definitely in "must-see" territory. It starts tonight at 6:00 PM Pacific time, or 9:00 PM Eastern. The precise subject of his talk isn't forthcoming, but given the recent announcements, we have a few guesses. Either way, we'll be watching it. Should you not be able to make it, you can trust us to relay any useful info.