In the wake of recent problems, a partial fix has been pushed for SuperSU. Root loss on older (pre-4.4/Kit Kat) phones should no longer be an issue. Unfortunately, this latest update doesn't fix the bootlooping some Sony Xperia phones are experiencing. If you're using SuperSU on one, you should continue to stick with 2.79 for now.

In an update to his post on XDA, Chainfire announced that v2.82 should fix some of the problems users were experiencing. However, he did also note that a solution for Xperia devices is not in this version. It's slightly ambiguous if a fix for the AdAway bug and network state change crash are included in 2.82, as neither is directly mentioned in any text about the update. The AdAway bug was fixed in a testing version at some point, however, so that may be included.

In response to permissions complaints, the feedback screen that made use of them has been removed from the app. Now users that might have objected to the increased number of permissions in the root management app won't have any further cause for alarm. If you'd like to push the latest update to your device, feel free to grab it over at APKMirror or Google Play below.

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