If you've been eying the quasi new LG G6 and you're stuck indoors today and passing your time by browsing, you might have stumbled onto two super nice deals for the phone.

First up, Sprint is offering 50% off the LG G6 by lowering the monthly installments from $29.5 to $14.75 over 24 months. That brings the price down to $360 total. The offer applies to existing "well-qualified" customers and new activations on Unlimited Freedom. It doesn't look like this is one of those deals where you pay the whole sum then get reimbursed credit for the rest, so the discount should apply from the get-go. The offer is valid on both the platinum and black versions, but we all know the black one looks much more stunning and creates a smoother effect with the big display.

Best Buy has also discounted the Sprint LG G6 but only to $19.99/month for 24 months, but a more impressive deal is hitting the Verizon version of the phone. The monthly installment is down from $28 to $11.99 for 24 months. That makes the whole price of the phone $288. Crazy. The G6 is still new and hot, it has an impressive spec list, and even if it's not quite on-par with the S8, it isn't far behind it. $288 seems like a bargain for it. Both the black and platinum Verizon versions are on sale, so you get to pick your favorite. Heck, at this price, you might grab one of each and it would still be a deal compared to what the unlocked version costs or what other carriers are charging for it.

The links to grab the G6 on Sprint and Best Buy are below. We can't tell how long the discounts are available for, so you better make up your mind quickly.