Cozmo, which is unfortunately unrelated to Cozmo Kramer, is a fairly popular interactive toy robot. It can stack tiny blocks, play games, and be controlled like a typical RC car. If you've been waiting to try it out, you can now buy Cozmo off Amazon for $152.99, a $27 reduction from the usual price.

Out of the box, Cozmo comes with three game cubes (seen in the video above), the robot itself, and a charger. The main selling point is that Cozmo has a personality, which reminds me of M-O from Pixar's WALL-E. There's also a companion app for Android, which is used to help train Cozmo and perform other tasks.

If you get bored of the robot's built-in functionality, and you're halfway decent with Python, you can use the beta Cozmo SDK to program new abilities. You can buy Cozmo off Amazon at the source link below.