Ever since the original V10 was released in 2015, LG's V series of phones has been the company's most expensive lineup - even pricier than the flagship G series. The V10 included a top ticker display, and the V20 further refined that feature. Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter, has released some of LG's early renders for the V30.


As Evan says in the above tweet, it's important to keep in mind that the finished V30 phone could look entirely different from these renders. That being said, this design is definitely intriguing; it has the slide out mechanism of the Blackberry Priv with a touchscreen in place of a physical keyboard.



This actually reminds me of the original Barnes & Noble Nook, which had a small touchscreen below its primary e-ink display. Of course, that was more out of necessity, as the e-ink screen wasn't touch-capable. Hopefully we'll see more leaks of the V30 in the months approaching its release.

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