It's not often a deal ends up being over 50% off, but that's the case today. Right now over at Amazon, you can pick up a pair of six-foot USB-C to USB-C cables for $5 with a coupon code. They aren't explicitly Benson approved, but they are alleged to possess the requisite resistor, and the current ratings have it at 4.2 stars from 310 reviews.

Some of the top critical reviews have noted a few problems, but the average opinion seems to be positive. If they are wired correctly with the appropriate resistor in place, then the risks are minimized. For $5 I'll likely grab some just to have a few longer spares around. Just be sure to use code N74X8Y7F at checkout, or you'll end up paying full price. And remember that shipping is free for Prime members, others need to hit the minimum order size.

At $5 these cables are almost 60% off. I have half a mind to pick up a few hundred units and speculate on the wider cable market. This could even be the first step on a larger journey into the bigger world of financial cable services. Buy RJ45 on margin! Short Molex!