If your Memorial Day weekend plans are being ruined by poor weather, Google has an offer for you. It recently tossed up a little holiday sale on movies and TV shows over on Google Play, including some deals that are over 50% off their regular prices. So if you can't go camping or throw that family barbecue because of rain, at least you and your loved ones can snuggle up inside while you binge watch The Wire. It'll be good for little Johnny's character.

Among the better movie collections being offered are The Lord of the Rings Trilogy for $20, the Back to the Future Trilogy for $15, and "The Best of Tarantino" six-movie collection for $30. The latter includes one of my favorite cheesy horror movies, From Dusk Till Dawn. The TV selection has a lot of solid HBO shows — if you don't happen to have HBO Go — as well as the complete X-Files for $50, American Horror Story seasons 1-5 for $60 and the amazing Kung Fu series in its entirety for $30. For more family-oriented deals there are a ton of shows from Nickelodeon, as well as a small number of animated children's film collections.

You know what? The outdoors are over-rated. Who would want to spend a weekend outside with their loving family when they could spend days forcing their children to appreciate their favorite childhood movies. Let's face it, in the long run, your kids will thank you.

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