Users of SuperSu might want to hold off on updating things for a short while. Over the last couple days, some people have reported that the latest updates, 2.80 and 2.81, have been causing some issues on specific devices. Problems cover a range of minor inconveniences, from temporary loss of root on some older devices to bootloops on specific phones. None of these should be significant issues for those with the technical knowledge to root their devices, but they might be enough of a potential concern to hold off updating for a bit. SuperSU developer Chainfire has said that he is aware of the problems and is working towards a fix.

Chainfire posted a comment yesterday on the subject of the recent issues, after temporarily pausing discussion in a thread on XDA. In it, he explained that he knows about the problems that are currently being reported, and some of them have already been fixed in test versions for future releases. The issues, unfortunately, didn't show up during earlier phases of the staged roll-out. Chainfire advises people to stick with version 2.79 for the time being, as he works toward resolving the last few issues in the recent updates. The specific bugs that have been reported in this latest version are crashes on network state changes, problems with AdAway, Xperia devices bootlooping after updating su binaries, and some older devices running 4.4 and earlier are losing root.

If you are feeling adventurous and would be willing to help by submitting reports and logs when you find problems, there are some test versions of the update that you can try. The rest of us will have to hang tight and resist the urge to update things. Odds are it won't be too long until things are fixed, and we'll let you know when they are.

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