One of Android O's newly announced features at I/O is notification dots on app icons on your homescreen. Much like iOS or plenty of third-party Android launchers and add-ons, O will add a little dot to your app icon to tell you that you have a notification awaiting from this app specifically. Tapping and holding on the icon will show a pop-up with the different notifications coming from it, and you can swipe them away.

Not one to let stock Android outdo it, Nova Launcher is adding part of that functionality to its newest beta. You can find the new Dots style under Notification Badges in Nova's settings. Once enabled with Notification Access granted, you'll be able to choose their size and location. Just like Android O, they will follow the color scheme of the corresponding icon, however it doesn't seem like Nova has implemented the pop-up with the notifications from O. All for the better, if you ask me. That pop-up is getting crazy with app shortcuts, widgets, and notifications on stock Android.

Notification dot from WhatsApp (left, green) and Messages (right, yellow).

5.2-beta1 May 25, 2017

-Dots! Android O style notification badges
-Round searchbar style
-Performance improvements
-Minor fixes for Android O

You can grab the latest Nova Launcher beta by opting in on the Play Store then waiting for your app to update there, or by manually downloading the latest beta file from APK Mirror.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
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