Google announced the Jamboard a few months ago, which is a business-oriented product you are probably not going to buy. Each one of these smart whiteboards costs $5,000, plus another $1,200 if you want the rolling stand. There's an app though. The app is free, but its capabilities are limited without the $5,000 piece of hardware.

If you install the Jamboard app on a phone, it won't do much. You cannot create new "jams" or share your existing ones. However, it can be used to control the Jamboard and add content from your device to a jam on the Jamboard. On a tablet, the Jamboard app has more features. You can create new jams, and edit the jams you already created on a Jamboard. There's also real-time sharing and the ability to send content from your device to a Jamboard.

This is mainly a product for G Suite subscribers, but feel free to install and play around with the app on your personal device. It just won't do much without a $5,000 Jamboard.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free