It's no secret that Google has had some serious supply issues with its flagship Pixel phone. That goes for pretty much any combination of size, color, or storage. Rumors even began to surface alleging that Google had stopped production of the devices altogether. That wasn't the case, but nonetheless, you will still struggle to actually find the Pixel if you wish to buy it. A 32GB Pixel (international version) on eBay for $50 off the list price could be the answer to that problem.

This is the entry level 5" Pixel, with 32GB of storage in the color Very Silver - and it's available for $599. That's $50 less than the $649 Google is still charging for it. Beware though, this is the international version of the device. So if you live in the US you'll have to check the bands to see if it works on your network. This version won't play nice with Verizon or Sprint, so if you're on either of those carriers you can rule this out.

If you live outside the US then this is definitely for you. Shipping appears to be free in the US, but here in the UK, it's $18.99. That still works out a bargain for me, especially if you account for the exchange rate. You'll have to do the sums from where you are to see if the deal is as good for you. It's worth mentioning that getting your warranty honored might be tough with this type of purchase, so bear that in mind.

It's hard to say how many of these they have, other than a "limited quantity," so you'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on arguably the best Android phone of 2016.

It looks like the price has dropped another $25, making this a $75 savings in total. For a device that hasn't seen much in the way of price drops or sales since launch, $75 off isn't bad. Anyone interested in a Pixel that uses a network compatible with this international model should give it a serious think.

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