The Nexus 6P lawsuit we previously reported on twice in April has been recently amended, and the venue of the suit seems to have changed to northern California. The latest filings have expanded the total number of actions in the suit from 10 to 23, with claimants hailing from 11 different states. It's still early days, and this more recent filing doesn't mean that the case has advanced, merely that the attorneys involved have decided to expand and tweak things after the initial filing. Those who are participating in the suit have a long way to go.

The specific claims made haven't substantially changed. They still allege that there are two defects present in Huawei/Google's Nexus 6P, the so-called "Bootloop Defect" and "Battery Drain Defect," as they are each named in the filing. Most of our readers are probably familiar with what is meant by the terms the suit uses for those defects. But, for those that might not be aware, some Nexus 6P's have been experiencing bootloops, a situation in which the phone doesn't correctly start, but sits unresponsively on the startup animation. The other battery-related defect manifests itself as the phone suddenly shutting down long before the battery indicator would predict.

Both of these types of problems have become a bit more common with phones in recent years, so perhaps the consumer response via lawsuits like these might help encourage manufacturers to extend warranties for potentially known issues. LG recently extended warranty coverage for users suffering similar problems with the Nexus 5X. If Huawei and Google decide to do the same for the Nexus 6P that might change things, as one of the firms involved is the same one that recently dropped another lawsuit over the LG Nexus 5X.

The full text of the filing is available below.