Android Oreo (yes, I'm calling it) is almost here, but not all devices are equal when it comes to update speed. In this case, both the manufacturer (ASUS) and carrier (Verizon) are well-known for updating devices rather slowly, which is probably why it's taken until nearly June of 2017 to update the ZenPad Z8 to Android 7.0 Nougat. But hey, it's here now.


By now, we all know the procedure for a 7.0 update, regardless of OEM: multi-window, revised quick settings (ASUS has made them opaque for Nougat), the side panel in settings, etc. Lo and behold, all of that is here on the ZenPad Z8. Also present are Doze and Data Saver. Again, pretty standard stuff.

This update is version 5.4.1. If you haven't yet received it on your Z8, hit the 'check update' button that we all know and love in settings. And if that still doesn't work, don't fret; the update was just announced, so it may take a few days to hit your tablet.