Chimicles & Tikellis LLP, the law firm which was previously involved in a suit against LG for the Nexus 5X bootlooping problem, has filed a notice for voluntary dismissal of their case as of May 4th. Note that this is a different suit than the one by Girard Gibbs LLP that we reported on back in April, which (to our knowledge) is still ongoing.

Some of you that might have contacted the firm in the past to join the class might have received an email over the last week. In the message the attorneys explained that they have dropped the action because LG has decided to continue to support the Nexus 5X, extending warranty coverage and offering repairs and refunds in some cases for those affected.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the warranty extension or support for their device is encouraged to contact LG support. While other cases might be ongoing, this particular one won't be continuing. If there is any news soon about other cases following this suit with their own dismissal, we'll be sure to cover it.

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