Today Lyft has announced two new black car options for the ridesharing service. They are called, perhaps unimaginatively, Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV. As the names imply, each of the services is meant to be a bit more luxurious than the standard fare. If you are familiar with the term "black car," that's what you can expect: a high-end literally black luxury car manned by a capable driver.

This feature is a further extension of the previous "Lyft Premier" which also allowed you to request a nice car with a guaranteed leather interior, but not necessarily something explicitly at the black car level. The Lux services provide something a bit more high-end, like a BMW 5, Escalade, or Lexus LS. And, of course, you can expect a black exterior and an excellent driver.


Right now both of the new "Lux" options are only available in Chicago, LA, NYC, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, although other areas are expected soon. If you happen to be in one of those places and would like to know how to hail one, check the help page here for more info. And, of course, you can download Lyft for Android over at APKMirror or Google Play below.