Goat Simulator has seen a plethora of different games released under its franchise in the last few years. The gameplay has ranged from zombie survival to colonizing space, and everything in between. Well, it would appear that Coffee Stain Studios is not quite finished with the series as they have just released a new game onto Android titled Goat Simulator Payday. It takes the tried and true Goat Simulator gameplay and mashes it up with Payday's bank robbing mechanics. If robbing banks as a goat wearing a mask appeals to you, then you will probably want to check out Goat Simulator Payday, as it's most likely the only game that will ever fill that strange niche.

If you have yet to get your fill of Goat Simulator goodness or are a newcomer to the series, Goat Simulator Payday is out today as a great starting point. Unlike its PC counterpart, there is no need to own the base game to play this expansion.

The gameplay is a combination of Goat Simulator's goofy and buggy open-world sandbox and Payday's heist-driven job system. There are four new goats to choose from when you perform a heist, with a flamingo, dolphin, and camel filling the role of your crew. Each goat has their own unique ability, which can help in particular robbing situations. Obviously experimenting with these goats and what they can do is a prime aspect of the gameplay. There is also a large emphasis on stealing cars for when you need to dodge the police. Essentially you will perform these heists in order to earn money, which can then be used to purchase new masks for your character. As you can imagine, there are a lot of masks to unlock.

When it comes to the graphics, this game looks just like the others in the series. Honestly, they are all pretty polished for being mobile ports. Luckily you can still expect all of the wonkiness experienced in the previous titles, as after all, this is a Goat Simulator game. Personally, I find half of my fun in just spending time experimenting with the limits of the engine and discovering new and goofy bugs. The added benefit of borrowing mechanics from a bank robbery game is just the cherry on the top.

You can pick up Goat Simulator Payday today for $4.99. Thankfully this is a premium release, so there are no advertisements or in-app purchases present. Once you buy the game, it is yours to do as you please as there are no hidden costs or other annoyances. Honestly, that is precisely why I enjoy these titles so much. They offer a premium experience on Android while projecting a goofy charm that is not often explored. What else could you ask for?

Goat Simulator Payday
Goat Simulator Payday