You've probably seen people wearing LG Tones while out and about, but the fairly new Tone Studios bring an interesting twist. They still rest on your neck, they're still powered by Bluetooth, and the earphones still come out with wires, but they also have built-in speakers. And now, you can get them for just $156.93 at Amazon.

The Tone Studio headphones sport a variety of cool features. Obviously, the headline trait here is the four speakers (two for 'Wearable Bass'), but there's also a built-in Hi-Fi DAC, three equalizer modes, and a 'Dual Play' mode that allows you to connect two Tone Studios to play music simultaneously. Battery life is rated at 35 hours in the standard earphone mode, but 6 hours if you're using the speakers.

MSRP on the Tone Studios is $229.99, but just two months after their initial launch, they've already been discounted to $156.93 on Amazon - that's a substantial $73 savings. Reviews are mostly positive, with a handful of people claiming that the sound out of the speakers is tinny, but there's still a solid four-star rating overall. Plus, Prime shipping will make sure they get to you quickly. Check the source link to see the Amazon listing.