Once upon a time, Andy Rubin created Android. Then one day, Google bought Android and let Andy play with robots for a few years. Now, Rubin is at the helm of a mysterious startup called Essential. He teased the company's bezel-less phone back in March, and now it's going to be revealed in just a few days. There's also a new Twitter account for Essential with more teasing.

The big day is May 30th, which is this coming Tuesday. All we can say for sure is that the phone will have very narrow bezels. Well, the top right part of the phone will have a narrow bezel. That's the only part we've seen. The new Essential Twitter account also tweeted a weird silhouette of the phone today—it has a hump.

So, it will definitely be phone-shaped overall, but there's something attached to it up there at the top. A previous rumor claimed there would be a hardware accessory connector on the device. So, perhaps this is some sort of external sensor or camera plugged into said connector. I guess we'll find out on Tuesday.