Sphero is perhaps best-known for creating the Sphero ball and the Ollie, but the company's latest product is just a bit more complex. Of course, RC cars are nothing new, but this new Lightning McQueen model packs a ton of technology into a compact, friendly-looking package. In fact, there's so much tech inside that the $299.99 price tag kind of makes sense.

The app-controlled car, which is officially dubbed 'Ultimate Lightning McQueen,' was developed in cooperation with Pixar. Measuring in at around three inches tall, ten inches long, and five inches wide, it leans, moves, and talks just as the movie character does, with mouth and eye movements being performed by a motor and an LCD, respectively. It's controlled by a joystick in the app, reacts to touches, and can do things like burnouts and donuts. It's all pretty impressive.

There are six motors inside: one for the animatronic mouth, two for the 'emotive' suspension, two for the front wheels (which can raise themselves), and one for steering. There are also five touch panels (roof, hood, both doors, and rear), as well as three processors (Bluetooth Smart, WiFi, and one to control the LCD). Additionally, light sensors allow the LED headlights and taillights to adjust based on the amount of lighting in the room.

McQueen is compatible with Android and iOS via apps in their app stores. It connects via Bluetooth Smart 5.0, features a range of 30 meters, and has a top speed of 6mph. It can run for up to 40 minutes and takes an hour to recharge. If you've got $299.99 to burn and want one of your very own, you can grab one on Amazon or Sphero's official site.