Fenix has been one of the most reliable Twitter clients I've used, but it's falling a little behind other apps. That's to be expected considering the upcoming changes. The developer has been hard at work on a completely revamped version of Fenix, and now you can take it for a spin. Fenix 2.0 is available in the Play Store as a free preview, but be aware the final version will be a new paid listing.

Fenix 2.0 is still a work in progress, but it has support for multiple accounts, a customizable main screen, image and video previews, and more. The UI looks a bit more modern than the OG Fenix, and there are plenty of themes. You are missing some standard features like widgets and Chrome custom tabs. Those are coming later, though.

The preview is literally just that—the package name is 'it.mvilla.android.fenix2.preview." So, there will presumably be a separate listing for the final version that costs a few bucks. Some users on Twitter are expressing their displeasure that Fenix 2.0 is a paid upgrade, but this is hardly the only time a dev has chosen to charge for a complete rewrite of an app. If an app is substantially different, I don't personally mind paying for the new version.

The original version is still available for those who previously bought it. However, the listing has been unpublished for everyone else. It's still a fine app if you don't want to upgrade, but the last update was in September 2016.

Fenix 2 Preview (Unreleased)
Fenix 2 Preview (Unreleased)
Developer: mvilla
Price: Free