Yesterday PayPal updated its Android app to take advantage of Xoom, a service that allows you to transfer money internationally. PayPal acquired Xoom back in 2015 and only began integrating Xoom's features into its own services late last year. With Xoom users can send money to people in over 62 countries via a few different means, including topping up prepaid phones. Anyone who may be regularly sending cash to friends or family abroad will likely welcome the new Xoom integration.

Unfortunately, PayPal blocks screenshots taken while transferring money via Xoom, so images from the process itself will be taken via camera.

Xoom is pretty straightforward to use, in practice. When you tap "Send Money" and select the "Send to friends and family abroad" option, you'll be shown a quick demonstration of the service. Basically, you just select the country you'd like to send money to, and if it's one of those that is serviced by Xoom you will see up to four options: send to PayPal account, deposit to a bank account, send cash for pick up, and reload prepaid phones. The last three services are provided via Xoom. Some countries may not have all of those services available, though, so you may not see all four options. There are also various fees associated with each, and the precise cost differs by country. Some of the fees I saw were up to $10, so it's worth paying attention to.

IMG_20170524_134623-2 IMG_20170524_134634-2

If you have not yet made a Xoom account, or if you haven't integrated your account with PayPal, it's not too difficult, and PayPal has instructions on the process available here. The new update has already rolled out via Google Play, so feel free to download it via the glorious widget below, or over at APKMirror.