Amazon and Google are the proverbial rulers of the personal assistant/speaker space. The Home is rapidly catching up in terms of integrations and its featureset, but the Echo family still has quite the lead in some areas. One of those is the different price tiers, with the entry-level Dot representing the best value in this arena. But now, you can get it for even cheaper; the second-generation Echo Dot is currently $39.99, which is a savings of $10.

We haven't seen this drop to $40 since Black Friday. At a $50 MSRP, it makes sense that Amazon hasn't dropped the price of the Dot very often. For that cost, you get full Alexa voice controls for smarthome things, music, and the thousands of available skills for further integrations like Uber and Plex.

Both Amazon and Best Buy have the Echo Dot in both colors for $40. It's even more of an impulse buy at this point.