Sharing files can be a pain. And that pain increases the bigger the file it is, the more unusual the file type, and when you are trying to move the file from one operating system to another. Thankfully, the developers of Send Anywhere have made it a breeze. Even better, it won't cost you a cent.

When you try to share a file via a messaging app or email, you're up for all kinds of irritation. Transfers are slow, there are file size limits, and it can be hard to know what kind of privacy you're being offered. In some cases, you can only share certain types of files that the service you're using understands.

First thing's first: Send Anywhere has an Android app and it's a real dream. You know you're dealing with a good multi-platform service when they still give you a native design on Android.

You can also use Send Anywhere on iOS, Mac, PC, on the web, and with a Chrome extension.

Now what's that 6-digit key in the first screenshot, you might ask? This facilitates the private sharing of files over the web. If you want to share to another person (or yourself) quickly and easily, choose a file or files and hit the send button. Now have the receiving device put in that 6-digit key, which expires in 10 minutes. Once the code is entered, the peer-to-peer transfer begins. The beauty of using P2P is that it protects your privacy; your files do not have to pass through Send Anywhere's servers.

You do have some other options. If you want to share files with multiple people, you can generate a Share Link instead of the 6-digit key. In this case, anyone with the link can download the files you're sharing. They are stored on Send Anywhere's servers in this case, as you might imagine. After 48 hours, all traces of the files are deleted. If 48 hours isn't long enough, you can extend for an extra 48 hours once you get within 12 hours of the link expiration. Since you can do that as many times as you want, the Share Link can last as long as you want it to.

If your Android device and the Android device you want to share to are near each other, you can use Wi-Fi Direct which will likely be quicker and offers even more privacy. Because the network connection is created by your phones/tablets, you don't need to have an internet or router connection at all to use Wi-Fi Direct.

It's worth emphasizing just how different Send Anywhere is from a privacy perspective compared to, for instance, uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive and sharing from there. Using the 6-digit key or Wi-Fi Direct, Send Anywhere never has access to your files—not just in the sense that encryption is used, but your files do not spend any time on Send Anywhere's servers (or any other third party's, for that matter).

The 6-digit key expires in 10 minutes and expires immediately once you have connected with your recipient, making it extremely unlikely any shady characters could ever intervene. And when using a Share Link, Send Anywhere deletes all traces of the files after the link expires.

You can also use Send Anywhere's Quick Link Share feature to make link sharing even more streamlined than it already is. When you enable Quick Link Share, when you use IM services like Whatsapp there will be a small floating Send Anywhere badge above the text box where you type your messages. If you want to use a Share Link, you can just tap the badge to open up the app or drag it to see your options. Once you choose your files, Send Anywhere automatically puts the link in your messenger's text entry field for you.

Look how easy this is:

Send Anywhere does not impose any limitations in terms of file size or file type. If you and your recipient have enough space and bandwidth, you can share it. One thing that the Android app makes really easy that Android Police readers will be happy about is sharing APKs. While it is generally a pain to use a file browser to get to those files from your phone, Send Anywhere makes it simple.

Above you can see how it looks to browse through your apps to decide which you want to send. Then, you can watch the transfer progress (the right screenshot). I decided to use the 6-digit key to download through

And there you can see the progress in the browser as well.

You can, of course, do this in the opposite direction—sending from your desktop to your Android device. Those of you who like to use APK Mirror on your desktops may find this especially useful.

Who else trusts Send Anywhere? How about one of the most massive technology companies in the world and the behemoth of Android OEMs: Samsung. They have partnered with Send Anywhere to support easy file sharing across Samsung Galaxy devices. Even the leading mobile tech company has recognized just how clever and easy Send Anywhere is.

Oh and did I mention this is all 100% free? Well, it is. You can use Send Anywhere on as many devices as you want, with as many files of whatever size that you want, all without paying a cent. And we are really just scratching the surface on its capabilities. To learn more, check out and download the app from the Play Store.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Developer: Estmob Inc.
Price: Free+
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