By all accounts, Samsung is having no problem selling the Galaxy S8. Still, Samsung and its carrier partners are offering a number of impressive discounts on this device, including the T-Mobile BOGO we told you about a few weeks ago. Now, Samsung has a better T-Mobile BOGO deal if you buy the phones directly from it. Not only is it faster, you get more free stuff.

The T-Mobile BOGO deal includes a wait of many weeks for the rebate to arrive in the mail. Samsung's offer only takes 7-10 days. All you need to do is order two phones (GS8 or GS8+) from Samsung, then activate them on T-Mobile when they arrive. Again, you do this via the Samsung website using the included SIM card. Importantly, the rebate is simply a $750 refund to your original payment method. No messing around with a prepaid debit card.

You can pay Samsung for the phones all at once or do a monthly payment plan like you would with the carrier. Either way, you get the $750 credit on your card. In addition to getting one of the phones free, you can register for the free entertainment bundle. That includes 6 months of Netflix, a 64GB microSD card, and a Clear View standing cover. Those will take a little longer to show up, around 10-12 weeks.

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