ROLI's modular BLOCKS studio has gained popularity recently, as a way to easily create music. Taps and gestures on the BLOCKS turn into musical rhythms when paired to the iOS 'NOISE' app. Now ROLI is making the NOISE app available for Android as well, but it has some limitations.

ROLI first showed off the Android NOISE app at Google I/O before the main presentation began, where a single block was connected to a Google Pixel. Now the app is available on the Play Store for anyone to use - as long as you have a compatible device.

ROLI is only allowing devices with 'Pro Audio' to run the app, which the company defines as "a set of requirements that handle complex audio data in real time." Right now, only the Google Pixel/Pixel XL and Galaxy S8 are verified to run the app, but the company is testing more devices.


As you might expect from a beta, the NOISE Android app doesn't yet have all the features of the iOS application. You can use it without the extra BLOCKS too, if you just want to try it out.

Developer: ROLI
Price: Free+