We might have previously thought that it was an April Fools' joke, given the timing, but Amazon's Echo Look is quite real. The device, with its camera and fancy machine learning skills, is meant to add some fashion sense to Amazon's personal assistant. It is able to judge contemporary styling between a pair of outfits and even allows you to save your favorites. Today Amazon released the companion app for the Echo Look on Android, so now users of our favorite operating system can see on their phone which headband went better with that Blue Steel look.

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Amazon's Echo Look may seem a bit niche, but for some people, it might genuinely come in handy. It isn't just for the vain or those lacking in style. If you happen to have any visual impairment or colorblindness, the extra mechanical eye and machine learning tech can lend a helpful hand with outfit selection. Of course, the Echo Look also has full Alexa functionality, so if you decide later that you are actually capable of dressing yourself, you'll still be able to enjoy all the same features from Amazon's personal assistant.

The recently released Echo Look app for Android interfaces with the Echo Look for a few different uses. It can help with setting up your Echo Look and connect it to WiFi. Once working, it is able to show you pictures of your previous outfits and can provide live previews before you snap a picture. It also serves as visual feedback for Amazon's Style Check results, in which the automated system chooses between two outfits based on a number of metrics.

Our robot overlords will, at least, have fashion sense. If you're interested in checking the app out, or if you ordered an Echo Look, feel free to download it over at Google Play.

Echo Look
Echo Look
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