Actions on Google, the platform that makes it possible for third-party developers and services to integrate with Google Assistant, has been seeing a lot of success lately with important companies jumping on board like LG, GE, Logitech, and more. The newest addition though might be one of the most interesting — at least if your name is Artem Russakovskii (all hail our geeky leader!) and you have dozens of lights, locks, sensors, and cameras all working within the system. users will be able to add their system under Google Assistant's Assistant apps section or by saying, "OK Google, talk to" Once authenticated with their credentials, they have a lot of options at their disposal. They can change the thermostat temperature, control individual or grouped lights, lock and unlock doors and garage doors, arm and disarm their security system, and inquire about the state of any lock, light, or thermostat.

Given the security concerns over disarming your system or unlocking your doors, provides an optional (which I think should be mandatory) setting for a 4-digit PIN code that you'll have to say to perform these potentially compromising actions.

As you can imagine, Artem is ecstatic about the feature — though he would have preferred a direct smart home partner integration with Assistant instead of this third-party solution — especially because the Alexa integration for doesn't offer any unlock or disarm functionality. However, tells us that this will soon be remedied and the options will come to Alexa as well.