If anyone needs a little break from all the Google I/O related news, Microsoft chose an opportune day to announce an overhaul of its note-taking app. The OneNote redesign relates to every platform it's available on, including Android, and promises enhanced usability, simpler navigation, and a more consistent experience across devices.

Usability for everyone seems to be the key point here, with optimizations made in the new update that specifically focus on users with disabilities. Microsoft is keen that the app is just as easy to use for those with vision or mobility impairments, and made essential changes to the keyboard shortcuts and screen reader with this in mind.

Another way to enhance accessibility is to improve an app's navigation, and OneNote will now feature special tabs down the left-hand side to make it easier and faster to switch between notes. These improvements will also make it easier for the screen reader to navigate what's on screen, thus increasing its helpfulness.

Improving the app on each different platform would count for little if the experience isn't the same when you switch to another device. For this reason, Microsoft has also endeavored to increase the visual and functional consistency of the app on different systems, so there's less friction for those who use the service on a range of different screens. This one sounds like a given, but I guess it's more difficult to achieve than it sounds when you're working with several operating systems and displays of different sizes, with some touch enabled and others not.

The update will be part of a staged roll out to each platform over the next couple of weeks. You can download the Android app from the Play Store link below, or manually from APKMirror.