Earlier this week, we wrote about some strong evidence hinting that Canada and Russia would be getting Android Pay support imminently. However, despite a ton of hints toward this, we had no official statements to support these claims. Today, though, The Keyword (Google's official blog) confirmed that those two countries, along with a few more, will have Android Pay availability soon.

In the blog post, VP of Payment Products Pali Bhat writes that more countries will have Android Pay soon. That list includes Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan. Considering how few countries Pay is currently out in (just 10), this is big news.

The blog post also mentions new ways to pay with its new Google Payment API, more ways to reward customers with the Card Linked Offers API (with Panera Bread being one of the first merchants to support this), making it easier for users to add loyalty programs, and new Clover APIs that will enable developers to build apps that users can redeem coupons and gift cards through. Check the source link below to read about this in more detail.