As you may know, Android O changes the entire set of system emojis, turning the famous 'blob' faces into more generic circles. However, a lesser known casualty of this change was the cat emoji - which has also been radically changed. Someone has started a petition on to bring back the old cat, which is currently sitting at 153 signatures.

The description of the petition is quite inspiring:

Her beautiful smile was a shining light in these dark times we find ourselves in. I urge Google to reconsider this change because she is the one thing keeping this nation together today.

Don't take my beautiful cat child away. 

Although the new cat emoji is pretty cute, I would say the old one is far more adorable. Personally, I would say the turtle emoji is an even greater loss, as the old design is my favorite emoji:


Left: Android 7.1 Turtle; Right: Android O Turtle

If you feel like fighting for what you believe in, you can find the petition at the source link below.