The ability to Go Live on YouTube (not to be confused with the entirely unrelated YouTube Go) previously required that you have 1,000 subscribers, and before that the requirement was set at 10K. In a bid to compete with other services, it looks like that limit has been dropped further, all the way to zero. That's right, now everyone can Go Live on YouTube without any subscribers. The only requirements are a verified channel and no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. We've reached out to the YouTube team to confirm the change.

The new feature is found via the FAB when you open the YouTube app. Give it a quick tap, and you'll be taken to a screen from which you have the option to either record, as normal, or Go Live with streaming content. Make sure your account is verified, or you might not see it. There might be a roll out of some kind since it isn't on my phone quite yet, but our own Artem sees it on his.

Screenshot_20170517-152736youtube live

I watch a ton of live content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and I really think that big platforms like Twitch are going to change the nature of entertainment by removing a lot of unnecessary junk from the process of content distribution. Right now they are mostly just used for streaming games, but as more and more money starts to flow into the pockets of content creators, bigger names currently dependent on cable networks for distribution might start to realize the advantages of striking out independently. I'm really excited for the future of live content platforms in specific and digital distribution in general. These changes to YouTube's policy for Go Live are going to be great for content creators, and that's great for consumers.

If, for whatever reason, you don't have the app, download it over at Google Play or APKMirror and get to streaming. And remember, it might be live, but a little preparation might go a long way.

A YouTube representative told us that the team is still experimenting and hasn't rolled out the capability to everyone just yet:

We've been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for almost a year now. However, it is still only available to a relatively small subset of users.

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