Over the last year or so, OTA updates to the T-Mobile and Verizon versions of devices in the US have been happening almost at the same time or at least within a very short time period of each other. This is the case with the LG Stylo 2. The T-Mobile variant got the update two days ago (after a false alarm back in February) and now the Verizon one is following suite.

This variant is actually called the Stylo 2 V, because Verizon likes to slap letters to the names of phones when it can, and it's a midranger by all standards. But all phones deserve Nougat equally and this new VS83520b build number is delivering it to the Stylo 2 V. Multi-window, customizable Quick Settings tiles, notification bundling and quick replies, and all standard Nougat 7.0 features are there, but also a few LG-specific additions like a trash folder when deleting pictures from the Gallery and new device fonts and themes.

Verizon just updated the support page for the Stylo 2 V so it's likely that the OTA is either already rolling out to users or will be soon. If you haven't seen the notification to update yet, you can manually check for it but be patient as these things tend to take time to reach every device. Expect the OTA download to weigh over 1GB as has been the case with most Nougat updates.