A new app named Audio Factory for Daydream VR devices has just been released by Google. It appears to be a demonstration meant to show off their new spatial audio engine for future Daydream products. Perhaps we might have some more news about it at I/O, but for now, it's just a way to check out Google's latest audio VR tech in what looks to be a nifty way.

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I haven't gotten the chance to try out an official Daydream device myself, but I have derped around a bit with VR on my phones through some other attempts. The app seems straightforward.  You explore a series of factory floors, presumably in which different sounds present themselves in ways that show off how Daydream can harness audio in addition to video for a more immersive VR experience. The style of the app looks pretty interesting too, with heavy bold colors and a lot of atmospheric effects. Very much my cup of tea.

Feel free to check it out yourself on your Daydream-compatible device over at Google Play, or via APKMirror.

Audio Factory
Audio Factory
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free