You'll soon be able to make free hands-free calls using your Google Home to any landline or mobile number in the U.S. or Canada. Google announced the feature today and leaped over the Amazon Echo with its ability to call anyone and personalize the experience. Since your Home can recognize who is talking to it, you'll be able to access your own contacts when making a call. So, when you ask it to call mom, it will call your mom and not your roommate's mom.

They've already created some great videos spots.

And here are all of the new Google Home features packaged in one video.

Google's announcement was unclear on what phone line you would be using to make the call, but it looks like the call can come from a private number or you can set it up to use your own mobile number.

With this and the other substantial features announced today, Google is solidifying its commitment to the Home platform. We'll update this post as soon as we get more details on this feature.