So you've been looking at that new HTC U11 and itching to the edge of your senses to grab one. Maybe you've resisted the urge all of yesterday but can you fight the temptation when you could get a small deal on it that lowers the price by $50 to $599? That's going to be your dilemma for today.

If you use promo codes JUST4U11ONLY4U11, or LOVEU11, you'll get this small — but nice — $50 discount on the HTC U11. Some users have reported the codes not working but I just verified all of them on the unlocked version of the U11 and a few on the Sprint version: they applied just fine. They even seemed to work on 2 units. Your mileage may vary, though, so be sure to tell us in the comments if a code is not working for a specific variant or color.

If you're interested in squeezing out $50 from your HTC U11 purchase, head over to the source link below to pre-order the device and make sure you input one of the codes to benefit.